breast awareness light – breast examination device

The Fairylight

diagram 177x300 The FairylightThe Display panel

There are four symbols on the display

1. The brightness setting indicator shows you the level of brightness that you have selected. There are four settings to choose from.

2. The battery charge symbol will show you how much battery life is left and will flash when the battery needs charging.

3. The high temperature symbol will only come on if the product has overheated. In this unlikely event the unit will cut out, the symbol will flash until Fairylight™ Breast Analyser has cooled down sufficiently and is ready to use again.

4. The “days since last use” indicator shows how many days it has been since you last used your Fairylight™ Breast Analyser. You may find this useful as a reminder.


Before you start

You’ll need to charge your Fairylight™ Breast Analyser before you use it. Plug the power lead into the socket on the end of the handle.

A charge of about 4 hours will be needed the first time. When the battery is fully charged the battery charge symbol on the display panel will stop moving and all the bars will be lit.