breast awareness light – breast examination device

Batteries & Power

Fairylight™ Breast Analyser is powered by a rechargeable battery. Before the first use, it will need to be charged for 4 hours.

When the battery is fully charged the battery symbol on the display will stop moving and all the bars will be lit.

The power lead is plugged into the socket at the end of the handle.

A very bright light is crucial for Fairylight™ Breast Analyser. If the power in the batteries is too low then the lamp will cut out. If you don’t have the time to wait for the battery to charge then you can use Fairylight™ Breast Analyser by plugging it into the mains using the charger.

Please do be careful not to trip on the lead – especially as you will be using the product in the dark!

If you are not using your Fairylight™ Breast Analyser it will automatically turn off after 1 minute to conserve the battery. If this happens, simply press the ON/OFF button to continue your examination.