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Breast Awareness

Most women look out for changes in their breasts –both by feeling for lumps and looking at them carefully. It is something that is an important part of taking care of your body. Indeed, doctors recommend that women make an effort to know how their breasts look and feel normally. This is often called “breast awareness”. Most women know that they should check for lumps that are out of the ordinary. However there are other changes to your breasts that you should look out for as well.

These include:

• A change in the size or shape of your breast
• A change in the skin – particularly dimpling or puckering
• A change in the appearance of the nipple or a discharge from the nipple
• Breast pain that does not go away after a period
• Lumpy areas or thickening of the breast tissue

If you notice any changes you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. The changes may well be harmless but your doctor will be able to reassure you.

Most new lumps or other breast changes are not serious and can be easily treated if necessary. Should they prove to be harmful then there is a very good chance of successful treatment.

And the earlier any problems are found, the better the chances. That is why it is important to be “breast aware” and to be on the lookout for any changes.

Fairylight™ Breast Analyser should be used as an additional part of your
normal breast awareness routine. It is not a replacement.
Women who are invited for a routine breast screening are
strongly advised to attend.
Fairylight™ Breast Analyser is not a substitute for mammogram screening.